Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am still alive!

Why is it that when you get older time seems to move faster and faster? My life has been such a whirl wind of activity since May. For a rough over view we have had a first birthday (Gabbi) ,
( and mine as well but no one seems to remember after you have a baby the day after ) We have had T-ball and softball, and T-ball and softball and T-ball, and so on and so on, As well as a whole lot of crafting and sewing,. I will have a huge lot of photos to post soon, Also I feel like we have traveled across the entire United States and back, but in reality we made it as far as the midwest and back across to NY. Seen alot of family and some really cool sites. And we still have a month left before school starts ( for the kids ) Only a Month? See what I mean about time flying by! My Best friend Tiffany aka. The tiny seamstress has also been busy. I have been a bad friend lately and I haven't left her a comment in ages. SO to try and make it up to her I thought I would mention to all of you that she is doing a really cute easy tutorial and give away on her blog .. The fabric is "Bliss" which will not even be available until October. Everyone go enter to win. And then come check out my soon to post photos of our summer vacation. Ciao`