Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Bags

Tiffany has some new bag designs out. My new fave is the classy sophisticated, although 
I don't think the picture does it justice. And for the first time ever she is releasing patterns that the public is able to purchase. Everyone go check out her website She is doing a craft show in Nampa Idaho this friday and saturday as well as Nampa Idol. So if any of you are in the neighborhood you should stop by and check out her booth and watch her perform.
 Good luck Tiffany (you will always be my American Idol)

Catching Up

This is an extremely long post, mostly pictures so it isn't all bad. Here we have Emma Baylee and Phoebe at there end of the year sleep over, which according to Emma is one way to have an awesome summer. They made bracelets, ate popcorn and stayed up way to late (I think it was like 12:00 a.m.) Sorry Dawn and Marcie, I hope they weren't too cranky. In the morning we made waffles and smoothies. yummy and then the girls played outside with water balloons. They all ganged up on Gunnar, he was down in the yard and the girls had the high ground up on the front steps he didn't seem to mind it much though. I wish I had pics of that it was too cute. 

And this is what happened that afternoon. On our way to go shopping Emma crashed out in the back of the car, go figure.

This is more summer time fun in Tiffany's back yard. Lee was helping Jason with some demo on the downstairs bathroom remodel. The kiddo's were hot so it turned into an impromptu water day (hence running around in the back yard in there undies) 
Emma "Bored" with the water stands back and observes the rest of the kids.
Hannah only gives "cheesy" cheese pictures for the camera
This is my lanky little dude Gunnar. I think they were starting to get a little tired from all the sun and water.
And what is summer time fun without the good stuff. (hope your mom doesn't look at this Tiff).

My beautiful little Gabbi just 2 days shy of Four Weeks old. I can't believe it has already been a month since she arrived. She is such a good baby. 

This is a compilation of gamer heads. All they ever want to do is play games on what ever electronic device they can get their grimy little paws on (I mean that literally, their hands are always filthy leaving yucky finger prints on everything they touch). Electronics Age here we come.

I hope Tiffany you don't mind me posting "naked" pics of sawyer, but gosh dang it he is just too stink'n cute. Here he was yelling at his mom from the other room. When we went to check on him this is where we found him. Waiting for someone to come and get him down, even though he is perfectly capable stepping down by himself. He is such a spoiled little guy, but with a face like that....
Photo Op. Sawyer fell asleep waiting for mommy to come home. 

This is Emma posing at school after her third grade music program. As a mom it is so much fun to be able to go and support your kids in these school events. They have so much fun and take so much pride in their performances. Lee and I were talking the other day and I realized If we stop having kids now I will only have to go to three more third grade music programs( plus all the other ceremonies and performances and graduations X 4) we all know we go to these school functions for support not for award winning entertainment :) I love being a mom.

We went to the river a few weeks ago to feed the ducks. The poor things have been fed and fed and fed some more. There was literally bread lining the river and all the birds were just swimming away. The kids were kinda disappointed not to see the birds go crazy like before, but we were able to get a few photos instead. Again we have Hannah and her "cheesy" cheese face.
Gunnar is waiting for a few birds to swim past so he can bombard them with bread
Gabbi not really interested in the world yet.
We were able to feed a little family of baby ducks. Hannah called them her tiny's.
Cute boy.