Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a Girl!

we went to the Doc on Thursday, and it is officially a girl. I have to admit that I teared up a little, but she is healthy and strong, what more could you ask for. When we came home to deliver the good news, Gunnar wanted to know why Heavenly Father was sending us a girl, and stomped his foot and yelled that he doesn't want another sister. It would have been nice to have a brother, but we are blessed to have any at all. So now the problem is figuring out what to name her. We only compiled a list of boy names, so any good ideas would be great. Maybe this just means we are not done yet? I guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ohio here we come!

I take it by the title you already know how the interview went. Lee was accepted into Podiatry School in Ohio. That is a long ways away. But at least we get to go. How exciting!


Well, Lee has been gone since Monday afternoon to Ohio for interviews for school. I have been waiting patiently at home to hear the verdict. A little nervous so now I don't have any finger nails left.  The highlights for the last Two days while we wait: Gunnar found an empty box and has drug it around the house filling it with toys, making it into an airplane, and a bed, and then crawling into it and "jusstappearing"( which the translation for that is disappearing). Hannah had her turn with it next and turned it into a cozy little bed that she laid in for a good majority of the day watching T.V. When Gun got home from preschool they decided to go for a ride in it. Hannah crawled into the box at the top of the stairs, then Gunnar proceeded to push her down. The only thing Hannah said when she came to a stop at the bottom  right under my feet was "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". They tried to do it again, but I figured  I shouldn't press my luck. I don't think she would of landed upright twice in a row. Next they crawled in and out of the dryer, showing me how they both "fit". As you can tell they have had alot of fun since dad left town. Oh yes this is all the same day that Emma came home from school with a throw up bug. So I hope you can all see why I decided to ditch the kids on my sister ( who had her wisdom teeth out the day before) and spend the day with my BFF Tiffany sewing. Granted I was sewing for my kids but they were not there. What a trooper. Thanks Steph I needed it. And sorry for the lack of pictures I tried to capture as many of these "Breathtaking" moments I could, however my husband is not here to show me how to use the bluetooth device to get them off my phone. Give me a day or two.