Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A picture a day.

I find myself taking quite a few pictures lately. What can I say, I think my baby is precious.

Late Nights

Our friends Jason and Tiffany came over for dinner on Sunday. We did stay up kinda late, it being a holiday weekend and all, we hadn't heard from the kids in awhile and when we went to check on them this is what we found.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gabbi is 3 Weeks old

Most of you probably don't notice the small little changes happening over the course of just 3 weeks, but I can tell you that these moments are fleeting. They only last such a short amount of time. I feel like it is going by too fast to be able to enjoy all of the precious moments. At her 2 week check up she had gained 1 pound, she is more alert during the day, and she already knows that she likes to be held by mom. (not put down in the corner so that I can deter some on coming crisis with one of the other 3 monsters:).  Gabbi sleeps so well. I know I will jinks myself, but last night she slept from 8:30 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. and then woke up again at 7:00 a.m. It is such a blessing to be a mother. I love every moment of it. (Here we have Gabbi Kaye Poston in chronological order from May 5 till May 26)

New Shoes.

Grandma Poston made Gabbi and Presdee some new crocheted sandals. They are so adorable. I want the pattern so I can make them in every color (Oh and it would be a good idea to learn how to crochet) :)

A day at the park

Today (instead of yesterday) daddy had the day off so we decided to go to the "Rock" park. The weather was so warm and the kids had such a good time. Even Gabbi was able to get a little sun.

  Sleeping Gabbi after a hard day at the park.
                        My guys!
Gunnar loves to match whatever
 his dad has or does, notice the clothes. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

A new Blog

Emma's aunt Cheyenne  helped her make a blog this weekend. Emma is super proud of it so everyone go and check it out and leave her a comment(to make her feel good). Hope everyone had plenty of hamburgers and potato salad this weekend.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mountian View Hospital took some "new baby" photos complimentary, and they post them online. Here is a link to ours if anyone is interested. Baby Poston.  Daddy thinks she looks like a little old man, I of course think she is beautiful. The "volunteers" were  older and didn't quite know how to work the camera. I think grandma shot about a dozen pics before they were able to get this one. Oh well they were like I said complimentary.


She is here and she is healthy and beautiful. Tiffany took some amazing photos for me and so I am cheating and adding a link to her blog so you can all see. Gabbi Kaye Poston. Thank you so much Tiffany.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mommy's b-day yay!!!!!!!!!!

May 4th 2009.
As I said mommy's b-day yay cake, presents, oh my.
Tiffany made her a card made out of chocolate.
awesome ( hehehe hahaha) .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

LIFE! for the past several weeks, also known as sewing, cooking, cleaning, mothering, and lets not forget growing oh so big.

A new addition to the family. No it isn't mine. We have a new COUSIN. Presdee Kaye Poulson
Proud Parents MeriBeth and Tate, exhausted after the many hours of intense labour. Hopefully this will be us in just a few short days.
Emma had her third grade Science Fair at school and this is a picture of her final project. "How do corn kernels pop". If any of you want to know just ask. She is now a popcorn expert.
Baking, one of the many things we have been doing these past weeks. This is a new recipe I found online, and I must say that these cinnamon rolls are way better than Mrs. Powell's, I mean if you don't take into consideration that you have to make them yourself.
A little cat nap.

Easter Morning. (Technically it was Saturday) we gave the kids their baskets early so that dad wouldn't be gone for meetings and miss it all.  They loved all the candy.  Who wouldn't?
On the way to Grandma's house for the big Easter egg hunt, Looks like a bunch of gangstas or something!
Sunday Morning. I actually got several good pics of them standing together in their new duds. Yes I will take credit for the outfits. I made skirts and Bows for the girls and I made Gunnar a new Tie. (so he didn't feel left out) I also made these cute crayon roll up pockets to Carry to church, that I put in their Easter Baskets, (conveniently I didn't get any pics) they were also a big hit. 

At the egg hunt.
Surprisingly enough Hannah did really well finding eggs.

Oh and this is me, growing bigger every stinking day, wishing that the baby was ready. Don't let the smile fool you, I am miserable. Only 2 more days to go though. The Doc said he would induce me on Tuesday if I wanted? Wooo Hooo I get to go to the hospital the day after my birthday. Happy Birthday to me....
This is Gun and Hanns enjoying being outside. They found some worms and had to "inspect" them
And this was the next day, recouping after all the sun and fresh air. 
I hope you have all enjoyed this short recap of our life lately, cause I will probably not post again until "baby" comes and we can readjust and stay sane with 4 kids at home. And yes it is "Baby" we still have not agreed on any names so if any of you have any good suggestions please let me Know.