Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

We have begun making homemade valentines for the kids to take to school every year. Its much more "Heart Felt" and goes better with the holiday. Not really! I just think it is a fun excuse to do some kind of fun craft with the kids, and they really love it to. This year we found these GIANORMOUS marshmallows at the grocery store, then we dipped them in chocolate and added some sprinkles and a stick and Voila' mallow pops. I think they turned out really cute, and the kids thought they tasted good too. Now I just hope they can still pass them out seeing how they are homemade and all, and the school has some dumb policy saying treats have to be packaged. If not at least we had fun right?

(ps I am having a hard time transfering my pics off of my camera so for now you get crappy cell phone pics)

A good hiding place

Gunnar has found that he loves to play hide and seek. He climbs into the cupboard and asks you to shut the door before you start counting to come and look for him. Its sweet. He thinks he is still so sneaky and has the best hiding spot ever. Even Hannah likes to play if she can climb in the cupboards.