Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Out For Women

I had the opportunity to go to Time Out For Women in Pittsburgh this last weekend with a few friends. It was such a fun trip. I don't know if any of you have been before, but it is a little different. You go sort of thinking that is going to be like a fireside and it is, until everyone starts clapping and catcalling?! Talk about uninviting the spirit (which is the whole reason we are there in the first place right?) Not saying that the whole time you don't feel uplifted or inspired by these wonderful speakers and the messages that they are sharing, but it definitely felt out of place to clap after someone says, "In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." weird. I really liked Deanne Flynn. She spoke Saturday morning and did it in such a way that was entertaining and spiritual.
After TOFW we went to Ikea, so much fun. I ended up getting a little fabric, don't know what I am making yet but I will think of something after I get back from market, a wok, (sooo cheap) and a rolling clothes rack ( that we will use in the booth for market ) Can't wait, I am soooo excited!!
I only had my cell phone to use for pictures because my husband was taking the kids to a few birthday parties and was supposed to take pics for me, however he didn't soooooo I am linking you all over to my friend Rachel's blog. She takes fabulous pictures and has a wonderful over view of our weekend. Enjoy! ( I know I am lazy)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More fiction than science

I might be the biggest dork on the planet, but I just have to tell u all how much of a fantasy sci-fi junky I am. I absolutely loved Avatar. We just bought it and I watched it three times on the first day. I know right?


In other news the family is beginning to to fell better, everyone but Gabbi that is. She is still having the runs, vomiting off and on as well as a fever off and on, she is lethargic, pale and I suspect loosing a lot of weight. I have had enough and I will be taking her to the doctor in the morning, hopefully with a positive diagnosis. Other than that I have several sewing projects that I need to get started on for market, which means more Avatar. WAAA HOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stomache bug anyone?

It's one thing to get sick, but when your a "mom" it feels like the whole world stops.

Gabbi has been battling some crazy bug for two weeks now. Diarrhea, puke, diarrhea, puke, diarrhea, and so on and so on. At first I thought it was her diet which mainly consists of juice, soy milk, and an assortment of table foods. First I pulled all the dairy products because we have had a precedence with allergies in our family, but it didn't seem to help so then I decided to cut back on the apple juice to see if that would help with the "runs" but nothing has seemed to help. Then I noticed she was cutting more teeth ( 8 total now) and someone told me teething can cause babies to have diarrhea. I didn't know that. None of my other kids have ever been affected like that. Well then I began to feel sick, I thought it was just because I had recently changed my BC pill so it would soon go away no worries, till last night that is. Now I am here to tell you we are battling a full fledged war against a raging stomach bug. UGGGGG!!!!!!
Poor Hannah came crying to my room early this morning saying "mommy I threw up in my bed". I love that when they want to snuggle they go to daddy, but when there is a mess to clean up they know just who to turn to! She is laid up in bed with cartoons, a sippy cup with juice, and a bucket just in case. And little Gabbi is on the mend, pale as a ghost, and a few pounds lighter ,which is scary because she is soo tiny to start. I am just praying that Lee and the other two kids can escape unscathed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

How dare any of you believe that I am crazy enough to have a 5th child while in medical school. No I am NOT pregnant. :) This started out as a dumb prank lee pulled on me. I was shocked when I first saw it, I thought that I had logged onto someone else's blog. Anyways I thought it would be funny to try and catch him on one. No luck! However it was lots of fun to see everyone else react! Last night at our Easter party I had so many congratulations and hugs from well wishers. It was crazy. Maybe I should get pregnant again you get lots of attention. LOL So sorry to all!! When and IF the time comes we will definitely let everyone know. Thanks for all the love.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I got my way!

Well Lee and I have been arguing about if we want to have one more kid. I guess I get my way! I am way excited! Everyone pray for us to have a boy! We will be having a Halloween baby!